RLA has announced that on all new tenancies from 1st July 2020, five-year safety checks will be mandatory for all landlords.

The mandatory five-year safety checks will be rolled out to existing tenancies from April 2021, with failure to comply incurring a fine of up to £30,000.

Advice is as follows:

Once electrical installation has been tested, a written report will be required from the inspector (which must include the results and next inspection date).

A copy of this must then:

  • Be given to tenants within 28 days
  • Be given to the local authority, if it asks for one, within seven days
  • Be kept and given to the person carrying out the next inspection

For new tenancies, the landlord must:

  • Give the tenant a copy of the most recent report prior to move in
  • Be able to provide any prospective tenant, who asks for it in writing, a copy within 28 days.

Consequences of non-compliance can be seen outlined here.

Further information can be read in full here.