Welcome to the first Rainbow Roundup. We’ll be recapping office news and recent key property industry news. We’ll also be featuring a ‘property of the week’

Office news:
We are thrilled to announce that there will be a Rainbow baby coming soon, please join us in congratulating Xani!

Recent property industry news:

The Negotiator reports an increase in empty homes across England (https://thenegotiator.co.uk/empty-homes-numbers-rise-acros…/)
Rainbow says: “Interestingly, England is seeing the highest number of empty homes since 2012. While these statistics can be worrying, it can also mean that we have an increase in chain-free homes available to us.”

Independent reports Brexit as a major drag on the housing market (https://www.independent.co.uk/…/brexit-uk-house-prices-fall…)
Rainbow says: “it seems as though all news points to Brexit! Unsurprisingly, Brexit caused uncertainty which can lead to a hesitant market. However, with interest rates at an all-time/ long-time low, it’s the perfect time to buy a property and lock in a low rate. If you have the deposit available it’s a much cheaper month on month option to own your own property.”

LandlordToday reports an increase in rents as the tenant fee ban approaches (https://www.landlordtoday.co.uk/…/rents-increase-as-tenant-…)
Rainbow says: “Unfortunately the fee ban will cause a ripple effect into the rental market, increasing rental prices. However, as tenants are benefitting from reduced fees, the increased rental prices are unlikely to have a negative effect on renters.”

Property of the week:
We are excited to exclusively bring to market this fantastic town centre development, featuring a gym and gated parking. These 1 and 2 bed properties will be popular, so please do get in contact to be alerted when they are ready for viewing!